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Perseus is one of the ugliest pajamas I've ever seen.

My mother bought it for me when I was still a student; I hated it. But partly out of laziness, partly because that fleece was really warm, I decided to keep it; in spite of the teasing of friends and colleagues.

Perseus is a hero of Greek mythology. Son of Zeus and Danae, for the love of his mother he faced Medusa, the mortal gorgon, killing her and severing her head. What does all this have to do with it?

The Perseus pajamas with its anti-aesthetic stands as a champion of Truth in a world dominated by fiction and deception. Not even in the intimacy of our bedroom can we be immune from the spell of sharing. Photographs, Selfie; everything must be perfect. And the pajamas? Better to put the most beautiful we have; or better yet, don't put it on. And never mind if it's cold and we get sick.

Perseus is the absolute protagonist of this work.

His being "different", aesthetically unpleasant, made him choose among the other pajamas; made it unique. Perseus has won.

He defeated Medusa, Chiara Ferragni, the one who petrified poor followers in front of smartphones, showing him an illusory and superficial world.

We want Truth.


Perseo, digital photographic composition; statue of Benvenuto Cellini, pajamas of Alessandro Federico-Veca, head of Chiara Ferragni.

PS: I found Perseus during my last trip to Sicily, during the Christmas holidays. I thought that, with the story just concluded, this pajamas had completed its greatest and noble task, becoming the protagonist of a satirical work, but the bearer of its own important po-ethics.
Well, Perseus wanted to continue to amaze me. He gave up the lead role and opened my eyes to what my work really could have been.
[Keep it going...]

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