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an intimate experience by Alessandro Federico-Veca

[...] After finding my old Perseo pajamas at my parents' house, I decided to use it during my short stay in Sicily. As soon as I put it on, I noticed with amazement that those pajamas had awakened unexpected physical-emotional sensations; as if all of a sudden I had reactivated that old part of me that over the years had fallen asleep, to give way to a new me. If it is therefore true that the habit does not make the monk, it is equally true that the habit of the monk, impregnated with incense and slightly ruined by time, can emanate in others an invisible aura of sacredness and mystery. The first room, that of creative self-referentiality and formal speculation, had been an absolute failure; the second, conceptually and ethically valid, was perhaps too "programmed" and aseptic from an emotional point of view. I needed something new, more intimate, that came out of the expressive modalities I had always used, my "safe harbor", to launch into the unknown of an unexplored world. I had to abandon the centrality of the image as a means of expression and socio-political issues, to experiment with a poetics free from any visual constraint and which finally explored my emotional sphere and my affections.

my / your pajama.

I asked six important people in my life to give me their pajamas for one night, so that during those 5-8 hours in bed, their pajamas became my pajamas. It was necessary that it was "used" (that is to say the one with which they had slept until the night before and which had not been washed) so as to perceive their presence even more. Upon awakening, my sensations were translated into an abstract digital visualization, which would follow three guidelines: a geometric shape, a freehand sign and a color.


The Week

first day Fri 5 January 2018

second day Sat 6 January 2018

third day Sun 7 January 2018

fourth day Mon 8 January 2018

fifth day Tue 9 January 2018

sixth day Wed 10 January 2018

Thank you for having enjoyed this work.

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