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La Vignetta is an independent illustrated satire blog born in 2012 from the mind (and hand) of Alessandro Federico-Veca , who decided to share his passion for satirical-humorous representation through the network.

The author's mission was to create a dynamic interactive platform (connected to the various social networks), free and above all free (politically and intellectually), in which to show one's vision of the world, interpreting topical facts concerning politics, entertainment, sport and much more; with a particular focus on Italy, but not only.

Through La Vignetta, Alessandro has obtained several awards and prizes : "Vignette for a smile ... without grits" organized by AIC Lazio (1st place), "Bees for a sustainable agriculture" organized by Unaapi, Conapi and Aapi , with the sponsored by Slow Food Italy and Greenpeace (1st Prize), “Oscar della Vignetta” organized by the Municipality of Spotorno (SV) as part of SpotornoComics (2nd Prize).

La Vignetta was also the protagonist of some exhibitions and events around Italy.

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