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Digital Primitivism Collection


180x100 cm

N. of pieces:

1000 pezzi

Technical features:

High quality print on HD photo paper heat-set on a Dbond aluminum panel (2 mm thick) processed with protective UV, anti-scratch and anti-wear sealant treatment which can be given a glossy or matte finish.


Each piece is unique as it includes the edition number (eg 1/100) in the print. It can also be further customized by entering an alphanumeric code of your choice (from three to twelve digits).


As soon as the purchase has been made, the certificate of authenticity of the work will be sent by e-mail, countersigned by the artist with the owner's data and technical specifications.


Delivery to Italy is included in the price. Once the order has been processed, the average shipping time ranges from 8-15 days.



1.600 €

To buy the work contact the artist
and check availability

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